About Us

Jerome is a 4A high school with nearly 1100 students. We are located in the beautiful Magic Valley, just minutes from breathtaking views of the world famous Snake River Canyon, fabulous golf courses, and abundant outdoor recreation. Our district includes Twin Falls, Canyon Ridge, Minico, Burley, and Wood River.

Coaches Directory

Volleyball: Babes Kalulu
Cross Country: Mark Van Orden
Boys Soccer: Jacob Wood
Girls Soccer: Robert Garcia
Football: Sid Gambles

Boys Basketball: Joe Messick
Girls Basketball: Jeremy Munroe
Wrestling: Josh Wright
Bowling: Ben Carlisle

Baseball: Mike McDonald
Softball: Johny Wiest
Boys Track: Mark Van Orden
Girls Track: Cory Musgrave
Golf: Rick Burke
Tennis: Nicole Waitley

Cheer: Kira Capps
Dance: Caroline Andersen
Band: Hiroshi Fukuoka
Choir: Darren Olson
Speech: Scott Burton
Debate: Carla Bamford
Drama: Patrick Rexroat

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