Athletic Eligiblity

The following steps must be completed in order to participate in athletics at Jerome High School:

1) Athletes: Turn in your Physical Exam Form or the Interim Physical Questionnaire to the Athletic office or the main office secretary.

A new physical is required in 9th Grade and in 11th Grade and it’s good for two years in accordance with IHSAA guidelines. The interim questionnaire is required sophomore and senior year in between the freshmen and junior year physicals. If you turn in the interim questionnaire, the physical from 9th or 11th grade must be on file as well.

We strongly encourage concussion baseline testing every two years as well. We schedule two dates each year to give our athletes an opportunity to take that test which helps in diagnosing the severity of concussions should they occur. Lon Egbert and Carla Southwick of Jerome Physical Therapy donate their time and Lon has spent thousands of dollars providing licenses tests for our athletes, and we are grateful for his support of our programs!

2) Student-Athletes: Complete the JHS Athletic Eligibility Clearance Form, Waiver, and Extracurricular Forms and return it to the Athletic Office for signature. Then give to your coach prior to tryouts or the first practice. All forms must be signed to be eligible to participate.

3) Student-Athletes: Pay for a student activity card-$35. (Payment may be made through the High School Bookkeeper Becky Long.)

Note: Student-athletes must complete these requirements before they are allowed to participate. The eligibility verification forms are available in a folder outside the athletic department offices in the upper southwest corner of the new gym, or they can be downloaded and printed. If you have any questions, please text or call the athletic director Jeremy Munroe at or (208) 324-8137.

Additional Information

Activities Code of Conduct Handbook.

Athletics Consent Document (Including consent for drug testing)

FREE Idaho Concussion Training Course (Highly Recommended for Parents & Athletes, Required for Coaches)

Here is the information on Student Athlete Concussions, pursuant to District Policy 3505 and :


Concussion Recognition

Guidelines for Safe Return to Play

Guidelines for Academic Management

Concussion Fact Sheet for High School Athletes

Concussion Fact Sheet for Middle School Athletes

Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents

Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches

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